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Compumatic MP550 Electronic Time Recorder ClockCompumatic TR440a Electronic Time Recorder ClockCompumatic TR880d Electronic Time Recorder ClockCompumatic XL1000e Computerized Time Recorder ClockCompumatic XLS 21 Pin Entry and Proximity Badge Card Time Recorder ClockCompumatic XLS bio Biometric Fingerprint Time Recorder ClockCompumatic CFR-20/20 Face Reader Biometric Facial Recognition Time ClockCompumatic Multi-Bio MB1000 Biometric Facial Recognition and Fingerprint Time ClockCompumatic CompuTime101 Time & Attendance Software
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Who is Acroprint? Who is Lathem?
Are they really manufacturers or are they simply resellers?

The answer is both! If you think of mechanical time clocks then yes, they are manufacturers. When it comes to many of their popular electronic, computerized, and pc based (proximity and biometric fingerprint) time recorder models, they are simply resellers. They import clocks from overseas and market them under their own brand name. Other popular brand names like Amano, Pyramid, Icon & Simplex do the same thing with some of their models..............
Ok, so who is Compumatic?

We have been selling and servicing brand name time clocks in the NYC region for over 40 years. We have amassed a vast knowledge of time clocks and have long ago mastered the art of personal customer service. In 1999 we expanded into the world of e-commerce. It was clear from the beginning that we were on the right path. Manufacturers praised us regularly for our knowledge as well as our superior customer support. In 2004 we won the Acroprint green machine challenge and were named Top Acroprint dealer of the year. We also achieved the status of being the highest volume Icon time systems dealer as well as the highest volume Pyramid e-commerce dealer...............
So you ask why?

With our history of success, why did we feel the need to introduce our own line of Compumatic brand products? Because our customers deserve more. At Compumatic we pride ourselves in selling superior quality time clocks, and at the same time we bypass the middle man to save you money. We evaluated dozens of models and only the best quality products are worthy of the Compumatic brand name. Our knowledgeable support team provides prompt and accurate technical assistance for all Compumatic products.
Across the board the Compumatic brand offers