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Acroprint BP125 125 Series Battery Powered Time Clock

Acroprint Battery Powered Time Clocks

Acroprint battery powered 125 Series (BP125-6) provides the perfect solution for areas without AC power or remote locations where dependable power supply is unavailable. These time clocks keep precision time for approximately 6 months on four �D-Cell� batteries before recommended battery replacement. Available print formats include:
AR3 - Day of Week, Hours (1-12), Minutes (0-59)
ER3 - Day of Week, Hours (0-23), Decimal Hundredths
NR4 - Month, Date, Hours (1-12), Minutes (0-59)
QR4 - Month, Date, Hours (0-23), Minutes (0-59)
RR4 - Month, Date, Hours (0-23), Decimal Hundredths

Acroprint ET ETC Heavy Duty Time and Date Document Stamps

Acroprint E-Series Heavy Duty Time and Date Document Stamps

These durable time and date stamps are used by businesses worldwide and are suitable for most business environments. The E Series stamps are ideal for virtually any time, date or number stamping application.

The ET and ETC models are identical, except that the ETC also includes a bright, easy-to-read digital time display.

Easy to use Inserting a document into one of these heavy-duty time stamps activates the sturdy automatic print mechanism, allowing convenient one-handed operation. Precision typewheels deliver a sharp clean imprint and can penetrate multiple copies. These stamps provide an efficient, cost-effective way to register year, month, date and time on important documents such as incoming mail, purchase orders and shipping/receiving documents.

Built to last The E-series stamps' heavy-duty construction withstands harsh environments and hundreds of print registrations per day. All units are rust and corrosion resistant and are made in the USA.