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CompuTime101 Time & Attendance Software
Compumatic TR440a Electronic Time Recorder Clock TR440a Electronic Time Recorder


  • Precision Quartz Accuracy
  • Automatic Card Feed & Alignment
  • Easy To Audit "Across The Card" Format
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, or Monthly Pay Period
  • Programmable Automatic In-Out Space Change
  • Automatic Day Space Change
  • Built In Battery Backup
  • Optional Full Power Reserve For Short Term Operation Without Power (sold separately)
  • High Density Dot Matrix Printer
  • Easy To Replace Ribbon Cartridge
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time Adjust
  • Selectable Print Format
  • 12 HR or 24 HR, Minutes or 100ths or 10ths, Date or Day of Week
  • Programmable For A Variety Of Popular Time Cards
  • Selectable 110Vac/60Hz or 220Vac/50Hz
  • Large Analog Clock Face With Digital Clock Face
  • Easy To Wall Mount or Sit On A Desk

  • Compumatic TR440a/TR880d Brochure

    Compumatic TR440a/TR880d Manual